Catfish Raising in Kamphun Village

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Mrs. Koe Khamphat is a fish farmer living in Kamphun village, Stung Treng province. She started raising catfish in January 2014. She was provided with one fish tank and training on catfish raising technique from CRDT’s livelihood project funded by Worldfish Center. The catfish raising project has benefited her family in three ways:

Firstly, to be able to raise catfish profitably, she was trained on fish raising techniques, business management and marketing, and data recording. This capacity building program was supported by the collaborative partners of CRDT– Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA), WorldFish Center and Fishery Administration Cantonment in Stung Treng.

Secondly, fish raising has brought her family more protein rich food sources and better living standard. Frequently, she catches catfishes not only to prepare foods but also to sell for extra income. With the support of CRDT, Mrs. Kamphat raised 800 fingerlings in one fish tank. So far, her family has consumed five kilograms of catfish and sold 25 kilograms to the villagers. She said, “I am happy. I earned 200,000 Riel from catfish sales within three months from February to June 2014, and there are still around 200 remaining catfishes in my tank”

Lastly, the water left from fish culture allows her to grow vegetables easily as it contains organic substances functioning as fertilizers for plant. The water left from each fish raising cycle is used to irrigate vegetables in her home garden. On the land size of 5m X15m, she produced and consumed 20 kilograms of vegetables and earned 350,000 Riel from the sale.

Catfish raising provided her family with not only fish for consumption but also income generation from the fish sale and vegetable growing. And Mrs. Kamphat is committed to start the next cycle offish culture in July 2014. Finally she thanked CRDT and partners for support.

By Por Narith

Project Manager in Stung Treng Project Site

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