Our Le Tonlé in Kratie Started its First Training Course

 In Kratie, Le Tonlé, Weekly update from the field

Early 2014 right away after the opening of Tonle center in Kratie, six students (4 women) were selected from Le Tonlé in Stung Treng to participate in the first training course at this new center during one month.

Each student has to take 3 main subjects (1 theoretical and 2 practical based) to improve his/her knowledge and understanding on tourism and the hospitality industry. Before starting the new class, an identification test was carried out to introduce students to new kitchen and restaurant appliances which they had never seen before. This exercise allowed students to use their 5 senses to determine the displayed materials and enabled them to remember the names and using procedures of each item more effectively.

The food class is conducted in the morning while beverage class is carried out in the evening. Students are expected to complete 17 new food courses (4 starters, 11 main courses, and 2 desserts) and 15 new beverages (5 soft drinks and 10 cocktails and mixers) within one month. The training which follows a student-centered methodology allowed students to make foods & drinks by themselves after sessions on their recipes. The trainer plays a facilitating role to ensure the right procedure is applied in their kitchen and restaurant practical work.

We strongly hope that after the students complete their course, they will be able to find good jobs with tourism enterprises in Cambodia.

By Say Bunly, Operation Manager, Le Tonle

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