Fish Tank Construction for Farmers in Stung Treng

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CRDT has been collaborating with the Culture, Environmental and Preservation Association (CEPA) and Stung Treng Fishery Administration to support 30 brick-made fish tanks for farmers. The project, WorldFish Led WISH Ponds Enterprise for Cambodian Households and Smallholders, started since December 2013, covers four villages, Kamphun and Ban Mai in Kamphun commune and Thmey and KohKhorndin in SangkatSamaki, Stung Treng province.

The brick-made fish tanks are designed in three-meter width by four-meter long and one point two-meter height. Thirty fish tanks have been projected to be constructed in the target site of the four villages. Of those, 13 fish tanks in Ban Mai and Kamphun villages were already completely constructed. Six of the completed fish tanks in Kamphun village and two in Ban Mai were filled with water. The 17 remaining fish tanks will be completed by end of February 2014 . Farmers have contributed with the local resources they could find in their communities including gravels, sands, and bamboo.

Mrs. Va Leakhana, 21, who lives in Kamphun village, is one of the beneficiaries who received a fish tank. Besides rice cultivation, vegetable home-gardening has played a significant role to support her livelihood. To improve her livelihood activities, she has requested the support of fish tank from CRDT to rear catfish, contributing four-meter cub of gravels, four-meter cub of sand and bamboo for the fish tank construction. She said, “I am happy. My fish tank have been completely constructed and filled with water. I will release fingerlings soon. To minimize cost, I will use some kitchen waste such as fish feed. Additional benefit is that water from fish-raising will be used to water vegetable plants. Such integrated activities are really good sources for my family’s subsistence.”

By Mr. Por Narith, Project Manager in Stung Treng Project Site

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  • jamilur rahman

    I want make brick tank for talapia fish harvest.please sent me full plan.please.

    • CRDT

      Dear Jamilur Rahman,

      Please reach us on for specific questions.

      Thank you for your interest!

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