Enterprise and Job Creation for Women through Self Help Group

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After almost two years of project implementation, let’s hear from the ground, the women beneficiaries who joined with CRDT in a Micro credit project with support from Hand in Hand India called “Empowered, Financial Access, Economic Development, and Entrepreneurship Capacity Development” which started in July 2012.

Miss Sin Chanira, 22, is a farmer in Thma Krae Kandal village, Kratie province. She joined her Self Help Group (SHG) called PonLeu Satrey Akphewat in September, 2013 because she needed money to run a small store selling groceries and snacks. After saving for three months, she decided to borrow from the group 150,000 Riel with 2% interest rate per month to start her business.  She was glad to get a quick processed loan and promised to pay back after 5 months. She is now having a stable business which generates income to support her living. She strongly hopes that her business will grow well in the future through which her living standard will improve significantly.

Despite the success of the beneficiaries, the main challenge for our project team is time constraint as they have to provide several trainings to SHGs every month on loan management, bookkeeping and problem solving. In addition, the project team has to ensure that the SHG members are correctly recording data and answer all their questions. Moreover, some villagers are not very active and want to create their enterprise without properly following all the steps or being involved with the project. Still, for CRDT it is important to follow the model introduced by our partner Hand in Hand as it will help create jobs in a sustainable manner.

By Mr. Sut Samedy, Micro-enterprise and Marketing Program Manager, CRDT

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