CRDTours is Proud to Present its Achievements for 2013

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In 2013, the Cambodian Rural Development Tours (CRDTours), one of CRDT’s social enterprises, established in 2008 to seek fund to support CRDT’s mission while helping develop rural communities, produced a notable result. CRDTours organized for several groups of tourist to visit the villages to enjoy the local culture by doing a village tour, visiting local spirit house, joining Buddhism ceremonies at the local pagodas and meeting with local people. Some tourists involved in community development projects by helping local families to set up livelihood activities.

Tourists contributed US$28,419 to communities along the Mekong River of which US$860 contributed to the dolphin and turtle conservation project and US$24,350 contributed to tourism industries. The chief of Koh Phdao Community Based Ecotourism (CBET) stated that, “this year there were many tourists visiting the villages and some of them stayed for a long period in the villages.” He believed that the income generations of the community member increased.

For example, Mr. Men Vichka bought a new motorbike pricing around US$700 by combining his saving and his salary from being a committee member of Koh Phdao CBET in charge of the rotation of service providers. He said “This motorbike is important for me, I need to use it when facilitating the tourist visits in my village, taking my children to school when they grow up and taking my wife to our rice field.”

Another example, Mr. Somkhan’s family was provided with a new chicken pen by tourists who spent one week with his family to set up the chicken raising activity. His baby chickens have just hatched recently. Congratulations!

By Khoun Tola, Operation Manager, CRDTours

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