Women and Water for Household Consumption in Koh Phdao Village

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Since 2006, Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) has implemented several projects to improve food security and income generation for the local people in Koh Phdao village to reduce their poverty in support of natural resource conservation especially the Irrawaddy Dolphins in the Mekong River.  Throughout the years, CRDT found that even though this village is situated in one of the islands of the Mekong River, clean water and the accessibility of local people to it remain the problem for them specially old women and children who have to go down deeply in the river bank to fetch water for their washing and cooking. In addition, the villagers could not irrigate their home garden or crops around the houses unless they spend a lot of money for gasoline to pump water from the river.  Toilet is rarely used due to the lack of water as well.

However, recently (2013), the problem of water access in Koh Phdao has been solved when CRDT operates its project “Water for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Livelihood Development”, thanks to the funding support from the people of Japan through the Japan Embassy, KUSANONE project. One Water Tank was completely installed for use in the village, and 90 out of 165 households have benefited from this water system. How it helps the women and children?

Due to the fact that women in the community are mainly responsible for the housework like preparing food, looking after their children, and growing vegetable around the house, this project is really important to them as mentioned by Mrs. Om Saren that the water system helps provide me with much better access to the water for cooking, washing, animal raising and vegetable growing especially serving the tourists when they came to stay at my house. I do not have to pump water from the river like before; therefore, I could save a lot of money from not buying gasoline. Children also benefit a great extent because the project solved out their difficulty in fetching water for household use.

By Bin Dim, Project Manager in Kratie Province, Sambour District Project Site

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