CRDT Joined District Integration Workshop in Mondulkiri Province

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

Recently, the administrations of the 4 districts and one town in Mondulkiri province have been busy organizing the District Integration Workshops (DIW). DIW is the 3rd step of CDP (Commune Development Plan). CDP is established by the commune authorities to reach five year commune development planning through which the communities can articulate their demand, then look for potential supply by line agencies and other development actors.

DIW has 3 main objectives:

  • Give the opportunity to link CIP with the plans of the Provincial Line Departments, NGOs, civil society, and other development partners
  • Mobilize the resources from different sources to support commune investment projects
  • Adjust  the local activities to be in line with the national and provincial development policies.

These workshops were attended by all relevant stakeholders who have been working in those districts and would like to support the related projects proposed by the district and commune authorities. CRDT is one of the stakeholders from the NGOs sector attending 2 workshops in Keo Seima and O’ Reang districts.

On 29th November 2013, CRDT joined a DIW in Keo Seima district. In the workshop, CRDT had 3 temporary agreements with the 3 communes of Sre Khtum, Sre Preah and Sre Chhuk to support their projects on infrastructure development, agricultural trainings, environmental education, and capacity building on Group Saving. There are 6 villages of the 3 communes with which CRDT has been implementing the project and will continue to do so in 2014.

On 3rd December 2013, CRDT joined another DIW in O’ Reang district. In the workshop CRDT reached a temporary agreement to conduct the same project activities as in Keo Seima district, but this time in the village of Andong Kraloeng.

It is very important for all NGOs like CRDT which are working in a particular area to align their activities with the local government’s plans so that every project activity will be supported by related communes and district authorities. In addition, involving in DIW workshops organized by the local authorities, allows CRDT and other NGOs to correctly address the local people’s needs that were reported to the local authorities.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager in Mondulkiri project site

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