Village Movie Show in Vern Sien Village

 In Stung Treng, Weekly update from the field

Watching an awareness movie

The Village Movie Show is one of the popular activities which CRTD has undertaken to increase the awareness of local communities on biodiversity conservation and climate change. During the first week of November, the project team conducted a movie show in Vern Sien village. The purpose of this movie show was to give an idea to the local communities on the sustainable use of natural resources in their area and on how to tackle climate change.

That evening, 200 people joined and they were able to listen to environmental awareness songs; as well as watch video clips of the Mekong Dolphin conservation and its link to sustainable livelihood activities, wildlife conservation and climate change issue. After the show, a Quiz Game was also organized to assess the understanding of the audience about what they had seen in the movies by answering some easy questions. Prizes were provided to those who could answer the questions correctly.

During the event, our team observed that the audience was highly interested in the show, and committed to spread out their knowledge to the other villagers who didn’t come to see the movies. They hope that in the future the natural resources in their area will increase and benefit the next generations.

By Keo Samnang, Project Manager and the project team in Stung Treng project site 

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