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 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field


This month, Mondulkiri project team hosted two visits from our prospective donors. First, on November 7, two representatives of a French NGO called Espoirs d’Enfants came to visit our project’s target villages-Poucha, Oucha, O’rana and Andong Kraleung-which are located in the Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area. It is a humanitarian NGO interested in the support of food security, income generation, child education and healthcare. The visit was a part of their feasibility study to collect some information and documents when later making a decision on approving funding support to CRDT to work in these target villages.

Second, on November 17, there was another visit from a representative of a Swiss NGO called One Action to our 3 existing target villages in Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area. She was accompanied by our Executive Director and Fundraising Coordinator. After the visit, the representative congratulated CRDT on their serious work in helping the poorest communities and will now take the time to consider supporting CRDT in a household income generation and conservation project.

Lately, Mondulkiri project site has been getting more attention from visitors. People especially foreigners come to visit the site not only for their vacation but also for their work in term of finding funding opportunity for the indigenous Bunong communities. Indeed, they often are the most marginalized and vulnerable communities, facing being cheated from outside traders, climate change, land concession, illiteracy, and poor access to media system. Plenty of NGOs and donors have been supporting projects to lift them up from poverty and towards sustainable development and natural resource conservation.

Thank you to our guests for their interest to help support our local communities in Mondulkiri province. We enthusiastically look forward to welcoming more visitors and donors.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager, Mondulkiri Project Site

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