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In the last quarter of training calendar, many training activities and action strategy were integrated to ensure the quality improvement of the 18 trainees before they leave their classes. The three major trainings and action strategy undertaken during the last 3 months of the school year were:

(1)  Creative Class: is one of the effective action strategies, which embraces a wide range of methodologies to encourage students to put their creativity into practices and to learn how to compete and cooperate among them. Class lecture, team game, contest, and team assignment are included in this 3 week- length class. At the end of the class, the students from each group were able to make 10 new types of salad and 10 new dishes of noodle, one cooking recipe book and one simple menu.

(2)  Elective Courses: aims to provide an opportunity in which students are able to select one of the 4 major courses for their prospective career. The 4 courses were designed based on the market demand. There were 6 students taking Front Office Operation and Receptionist Work, 4 taking Catering Service and Restaurant Supervision, 5 taking Cooking and Kitchen Work, and the rest 3 taking Housekeeping Supervision. The 4 courses were designed in a sophisticated manner which allowed students to learn in a broader context from the operational to supervisory level. Also, exercises and role play were included in the training activity to monitor the understanding of the students.

(3)  High Impact Tourism Training: is another training package which offers students an understanding of professional service work. The three main topics in the course include Service Excellence, Professional Hospitality and Best Selling.   The active learning approach was used which consists of flash card, team game, poster activity, group discussion, role play and video demonstration. The training package was developed by the Netherland for Development Organization (SNV), and it was offered to Le Tonle through a cooperation agreement signed on December, 2012.

Having accomplished these training and action strategy, the students’ competency was noticeably improved in terms of both their soft skills (team work, communication, team spirit and work morality) and technical skills (best service serving, professional hospitality, front office, housekeeping, cooking and catering service work). The effectiveness of the training was reached since the trainees actively participated in the structured and well-managed activities.

By Say Bunly, Project Coordinator in Le Tonle, Steung Treng province  

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  • Lucky Star 2 hotel Campany

    Need some cooks and some services who are jobless contained experienced please kindly attached file to me.

    you can contact me at 078 44 78 48

    Thanks you very much sir/Madam.

    • admin

      Hi Lucky Hotel,

      We will inform Le Tonle Center about your request. Alternatively, you can contact Le Tonle Center directly at bunly.say@gmail.com


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