Impacts of Flood on Rural Villages in Sambour

 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field
Our team arriving at our Kratie head office by boat.

Our team arriving at our Kratie head office by boat.


In the last few years, the poor people have been continuously challenged by environmental issues which result from changing environment especially climate change. Likewise, in Cambodia, storm, drought, and unexpected rainfall always happen and affect the rural communities every year. In September 2013, many villages in Sambour district, Kratie province had been hit by flood for half a month.

Thanks to some information from the natural disaster office in Sambour district, there has been 2,320 houses flooded and 4,972 hectares of rice destroyed. Also, the flood affected 247 hectares of agricultural crops including corn, cassava, beans, and home garden vegetables. Animals had to be transferred to safe places. Hundreds of villagers, who are also CRDT’s beneficiaries, were evacuated from their homes. All these adverse impacts worried people that they will lack food for the next coming years. Despite the fact that CRDT doesn’t work on disasters strictly speaking, it happened that during flooding some poor families were given loans from the saving groups or CBOs established by CRDT to buy rice and other food supplies.

By Bin Dim, Project Manager in Sambour district, Kratie province 

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