Recent Flooding in Stung Treng province

 In Stung Treng, Weekly update from the field


In September, some areas in the town of Stung Treng were flooded including CRDT Field Office. As a result, our staffs had to move to temporarily stay at the guesthouse nearby the office, and wait until the water level decreased. Still, we frequently went to the office to observe the evolution of the water level, so that we could protect the important equipments in the office on time.

Not just in the town, the flooding also happened at CRDT’s project target villages. So far, we still aren’t sure about the global impact of the floods on agricultural productions, such as crop, rice, animal raising, etc. However, thanks to some information from the villagers, who are the beneficiaries of our projects in Ou Mreah and Sesan communes, we learnt that the floods affected about 50% of the rice production, mostly 100% vegetable, chicken raising, village roads, human health, and especially severely impacted their incomes. Now our project team is working closely with communes authorities within the project area in collecting the exact information on rice and other crops affected by flooding. As CRDT doesn’t work directly on disaster intervention, our project just plans to provide villagers some seeds of rice and other crops to re-grow as we have some budget. Besides, we will send information to other stakeholders who work directly on this issue.

The productivity of our project implementation in the field was also affected by flooding. It was an important constraint for our project team to be able to conduct meeting/training and following up project activities in those villages. Some activities have been delayed to this month, Oct 2013. Luckily, some villages were not flooded, so we could manage to work well.

We hope everything will be better soon !

By Keo Samnang, Stung Treng Project Manager

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