Indigenous Communities’ Voice for the Commune Investment Planning (CIP)

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field


Currently, at Mondulkiri province project site, the team has started to review the results of last year Commune Investment Planning (CIP) in order to draw conclusions on what has been achieved and to plan the year ahead. Is it really important for CRDT to facilitate for its CBOs to raise their voice at the commune level regularly throughout the year. Almost 80% of CBOs involve in the meeting to plan their propositions to the commune and district.

In 2013, CRDT closely collaborated with local authorities at the commune and district levels. Each commune/district representative always goes to all villages to review and plan for next year. And up to now, local authorities always accepted all planning propositions by CBOs which were facilitated by CRDT to put in the commune/district planning. In 5 villages, Ou Rana, Sre Lavie, Chork Char, Gartie and Andong Kraleng village with a total of 26 CBOs, CRDT facilitated meetings on the CIP. During these meetings, WCS project team also involved as to include the natural resource management into the commune plan. All the propositions that were prepared by the CBOs are of high importance for the villages. In order to remember them and to witness the evolution in answering these proposals, they were hanged on the wall at the District Integrated Workshop’s room to be shown to all stakeholders such as NGOs, related provincial department and other institute. Thanks to these initiatives, CRDT strongly hope that all problems and propositions from CBOs will be addressed by next year by all stakeholders.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager at Mondulkiri project site

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