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Two hours away from Sambour town along the MekongRiver in Kratie province is a small village with 72 families from the Kuy ethnic group. Beong Char village is similar to other villages is that many children are not enrolled to school. Most of young people especially children who have the age to go to school do not go. This is due mostly to the fact that there isn’t any school in their village and no road accessibility as well as a lack of money in the families to send the children to school. So what are they doing in the village?

Traditionally, people who are living in remote areas such as the communities in the MekongFloodedForest in Kratie province are depending on paddy rice farming as the most significant cultivation method. Other livelihood activities include small livestock raising, chamkar farming (rice or mixed crop gardens located on cleared land away from the village), hunting, timber collection, non-timber forest products collection, vegetable farming, boat construction and the sale of labour.

Growing up most of the children have learned about their parents daily activities. Wildlife hunting is one of activities always conducted as a way to protect the rice yields.  Children learn how make bow and arrow, traps and put around their paddy fields. All hunting activities are followed up by the fathers or old people in the village. Unfortunately, most children didn’t have the chance to attend public school and gain more diverse knowledge from it. Therefore, the next young generation will still continue to adopt the traditional activities without being able to adapt. CRDT hopes by training the elder that the activities will evolve and help the children as well as always strongly advocating for the children to go to school.

By Bin Dim, Project Manager at Kratie project site

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