Sambour District’s Landfill Site

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Keng Prasat is a village in Sambour Commune, Kratie province, with 499 households. One landfill site has been built there for the waste management of Sambour District.

The landfill site was dug in 2009 by Sambour District governor, and two villages have used it to get rid of their waste. Rubbish bins were distributed by Kratie Department of Environment and Sambour District governor for families who live in the surroundings of Sambour market as there isn’t enough space at the market to maintain the waste. One waste collection company have been collecting waste every day from those families and at the market and brought it at the landfill site at Keng Prasat village. Around 15 to 20 families use this service and are require to pay from 4,000 Riels to 9,000 Riels depending on the amount of waste and their business type.

Until 2011, CRDT received funding from ACIED-IPADE, Spain and had been collaborating with Sambour District governor to build a fence around the landfill site with an amount of 5,679.80 USD. CRDT also established a management committee for the site with 5 members including chief, vice-chief and members. Moreover, CRDT provided 100 rubbish bins to Sambour District governor. Sambour landfill site has been upgraded with a net iron fence and 56 families are now using the waste collect service.

Mr. Tea Sokheb is a member of the landfill committee and lives near the landfill site. He mentioned that “before the net iron fence was built, there were some problems at the landfill site such as a lot of plastic waste flying in people’s farmland near there, a few animals were killed or got sick by eating plastic. But since the net iron fence was installed around the landfill site, we observed that not animal died or came here to eat, not plastic waste flew in the farmland, and the waste was reduced at the market.

By Sok Chanpheaktra, Environmental Education Officer, Sambour District 


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