Micro-Hydro Power Dam in Koh Sampeay village commune, Stung Treng Province

 In Stung Treng, Weekly update from the field

In July 2010 CRDT received a funding from UNDP/GEF SGP to build a micro-hydro power dam in Koh Sampey vil­lage in Stung Treng province. This would allow 72 families to use the electricity that would be produced by the dam.

Currently, 86% of those households are glad to use the electricity in their houses. For the households, the electricity fee is a regular monthly expense to Mr. Seang Vuth who takes care of the dam and the electricity service. Part of the electricity fee will go towards the maintenance of the Micro-hydro dam and also as a share to other communities. This electricity service fee allows the households to get better quality of electricity, watch TV, have speaker bass and safer lighting compared with using battery charging. This money is managed by local private sector and they then in return contribute back to the community.  During the last three months, the total income from the electricity service fee has been USD 550 for the micro-hydro dam.

This micro-hydro power dam allowed CRDT beneficiaries to save money and to reduce their purchases in petrol lamps, generator lightning and battery charging from outside. The people who have a lower income can also use the electricity, as it is cheaper compared with the battery charging and generator there were using before. This electricity has high potential and has been identified as the solution for lighting in remote villages. Moreover, it contributes to climate change resilience.

By Hun Sarith, Pro­ject Officer in Stung Treng


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  • Kevin Nam

    Hi. I am bring waste to energy technology using biomass, MSW and many of various waste streams to convert to energy “SynGas” first and then combust into hot flue gas to supply into boiler and STG (Steam Turbine and Generator). The technology is coming from USA and modular, portable and scale-able up to 2.5MW per module. You can watch our solution at http://www.balboa-pacific.com and we are welcome to localize this solution to fit into this country too. I am working on to implement 3MW Waste to Energy project in S. Korea and in Asian countries.
    Hope this can work each other for this country Cambodia too.
    My further email contact is kevin.regent@gmail.com

    • CRDT

      Dear Kavin,

      Thanks for reach out to CRDT. It looks like you have a new innovation technology which CRDT can be partner with.

  • Dorian Roffe-Hammond

    Hello, I am a water resources and rural development specialist currently living in Phnom Penh with plans to conduct some field research in Mondulkiri and Kratie. I want to know the size of this dam. And the amount of peak kilowatts produced. Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Dorian,
      Thank you very much for your comment
      Answering your question, the dam is 15 meters wide and 4 meters high and it can produce 20 kilowatts

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