Linking a great agricultural production to the market in Mondulkiri

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

In some far away villages in Mondulkiri project site, there is a high potential for a high agricultural production especially for all kinds of vegetables and cash crop in the rainy season.

These villages have a lot of fertile soil along a small stream. If there is enough water access to their farms in the dry season, the local people will be able to produce enough to meet the market’s needs throughout the whole year. Moreover, the villagers get enough nutrients and without any chemical, in the rainy season as they use their own productions at the farm without having to buy the food outside their village.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to take their production surplus to sell at the district or provincial market as a good road is lacking. Thus, a high percentage of their production has had to be wasted up to now. The villagers asked CRDT or government for help to solve these problems.

CRDT will raise funds for 2014 in order to help these villagers and solve this issue. Our objective is to link the local people to the market by connecting them to the middle man and provide capacity building to local people about food processing and selling. We will push those local people to have a clear access to the market as soon as possible in 2014.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager in Mondulkiri

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