I am a director and I can do it!

 In Le Tonlé, Weekly update from the field

It has been 6 months that trainees have been working together in a small group to complete a particular work in the training center and guesthouse. There are some outstanding students in the team while some still need to be helped in showing their full potential.

In order to motivate trainees to better perform, to gain better understanding, and to manage work with more responsibility and creativity, teachers decided to empower them to be a director of a guesthouse’s division. Through this exercise, everyone is able to see a clear picture of a particular work in the guesthouse. Moreover, it is also an effective mechanism to monitor each student work competency and behavior.

9 work divisions were made for each trainee in each group. One of them is nominated to be the director of 1) Room, 2) House and Furniture, 3) Laundry and Ironing, 4) Kitchen, 5) Bathroom, 6) Ground floor, 7) Guesthouse, 8) Front office and 9) Office assistant. The work check list of each function is developed and introduced to them before they start their work. After a week of work in a specific division, they move to another work area until they complete all the 9 work areas.

5 evaluation indicators are developed to monitor their work which consists of speed, quality, productivity, creativity and morality. The evaluation sheet of each day is marked by 3 supervisors who monitor their daily work. Weekly meetings are also conducted to review what was good and what needs to be improved.

Everyone is doing their best to accomplish their work and only few things are to be improved. From the students’ point of view, this initiative provides them opportunity to manage work independently, improve their work responsibility, initiate creativity, strengthen work quality and increase their work productivity.

By Say Bunly, Project Coordinator at Le Tonlé in Stung Treng


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