Field Trip of Management Committees In Mekong Flooded Forest On 15-18 July 2013

 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field


From July 15th to July 18th, CRDT Management Committee had a field trip between Stung Treng and Kratie provinces; to evaluate the projects’ implementation achievements, identify key problems/challenges to help improve the project implementation, determine the real needs of communities in order to develop new proposals and provide suggestions/recommendations to the project team to enhance their interventions.

Sambour is one of CRDT project areas in Kratie province that has been helping to eradicate poverty of rural people to support conservation of natural resources along the Mekong River. 26 target villages have been supported since 2006 with many livelihood activities. Vegetable, chicken, pig technical raising, saving activity, ecotourism have been developed to improve food and income accessibility. Water and sanitation are also part of CRDT program to help communities be healthier by providing rain water collectors, family toilets, rubbish bins, bio-gas, water system and hygiene training. Climate change mitigation and adaptation for affected remote communities has been delivered as well as agriculture irrigation system, ponds, dam, and canals.

During the trip there were two special meetings with beneficiaries of saving group and livelihood groups. Saving activity was the one with the most potential according to our ED. The beneficiaries understand well about the process of saving, recording, internal lending, benefit sharing in both members and group management committees. Currently, around 5,000$ have been saved including interests since the group started in 2008. Mr. Or Channy CRDT executive director, gave the beneficiaries a lot of advices for the group to be even more successful especially regarding internal conflict within members when the money reaches an important amount. However, other livelihoods CBOs still have limited capacities in managing and running their businesses and should receive a stronger support from CRDT.

 By Bin Dim, Project Manager in Kratie Province

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