Waste Management by Making Compost

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Damre Background

Damre is one of 3 villages in Beoung Char commune, Kratie province and stands on the Koh Thnort Island, about 15 minutes by boat. There are 208 households on the island and the main livelihood activities are fishing and farming.

One family Background

Mrs. Sithy 35 years old and her husband have two sons and one daughter. This family has been involved with CRDT since 2010(via a CEPF grant). In 2013 CRDT received funding from the Wetlands Alliance Program (WAP) to implement an environmental project in this village such as night show, waste collection event, training on composting making and else…

Mrs. Sithy is the chief of the chicken CBO and she is a model household.  Around her house there are a lot of waste such as crops, chickens, leaves and plastic, she never take cake of this waste at all and the surroundings of the house became very dirty. From day to day she never cleaned the waste around her home, but after she attended the training on compost making and waste collection, she started to be interested in organic waste and negative impact of plastic waste. Since then, she has started to make compost at her house; she collects all organic waste around her house and burns all plastic waste. Even though, her compost installation is simple but it is the first step to reduce waste and give awareness to other households in her village.

Mrs. Sithy said: “I am very interested in making compost because it gives a lot of benefits for my family such as sanitation, clean house, good health, increasing natural fertilizers, fresh air and I wish to continue provide awareness to other villagers in my village”.

By Sok Chanpheaktra, Environmental Education Officer

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  • Eliza

    It’s sad that not many people are practicing composting. I’ve learned this back in 3rd grade and it was okay in the beginning – many people do it and whatnot. Unfortunately, at this day and age, composting is pretty much extinct.

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