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 In Stung Treng, Weekly update from the field

Since 2011, the community of Koh Sneng village has been involved with a CRDT project supported by WWF and CEPF.  In this village there are 29 members including 15 women. If when they started they saved USD 66 (along with a USD 1,261 CRDT small grant), today the amount of savings reaches USD 8, 758. Moreover, in the whole community the amount of savings reached USD 10, 020.

With the help of CRDT providing livelihood (chicken, pig) and saving component training courses, the community members took out a loan to help them create small businesses like chicken, pig raising or others like a grocery shop in their community. After that, they managed saved about USD 20 per member per month thanks to their profit.

Another positive impact of this saving activity and the training CRDT has developed is the fact that these community members have been able to lead workshop by themselves. During that time, they invited local authorities and NGOs to take part in this workshop. All stakeholders have thus had a strong interest with the achievements of the members. The commune council even took action and promised that when the project will be finished, they will continue to follow up and make sure that this community will be sustainable.

By Hun Sarith, Project Manager in Stung Treng

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