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Koh Phdao is one of 7 Villages in Kampong Cham Commune and stands on the Koh Rognearv Island, about 20 minutes by Motorbike or 30 minutes by boat from Sambo Town.

Koh Phdao history

Koh Phdao means the island (Koh) of rattan (Phdao) as there is a lot of it on the island. During quite a long time, no one was living in this village as it was surrounded by forest and wildlife. In 1950, 15 families started living there. After Pol Pot regime, this village saw its population increase. Nowadays, according to the village chief there are 163 families (434 women and 438 men). People depend on crops, vegetables, rice growing, hunting, fishing, livestock, and some villagers have gold mining activities after the rice harvesting season is over.

One Family Background

Mrs. Hang Neang 62 years old has been living in Koh Phdao village with her husband since 1993. They are sellers and depend on the pig raising, chicken raising, fishing and a home garden.

Mrs Hang Neang always gets up early in the morning and every time collects waste every where around her home. As she is the seller, she always has a lot of waste such as plastic, factory waste, paper, cloth, etc to deal with around her shop. Before 2006 and the start of CRDT project, she had some knowledge on waste management, she did about waste mix put (plastic, cloth, paper, compost waste, etc,) had one bin but not much. Since the start of the project implementation, she has been very interested and has involved with CRDT by participating in the project village meeting to know more about waste, for example she can now classify all waste thanks to the trainings, meetings and workshops organized by CRDT. But more than waste management, CRDT provided to the community activities such as fish, chicken and pig raising, vegetables growing, water storage, waste management, saving group, help building an Eco tourism center, tree nursery, art group etc. As a result Mrs Neang declared that “I have been very happy since CRDT started working in my village as they helped my community increase its income generation, improve health, etc.

Finally, since she started to involve with income generation activities, her live has improved as now among others she has a rain water storage and toilet. She said that it is easy to use and allow her family to have a healthy and more comfortable life.

By Bin Dim, Project Manager in Kratie Province

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