AusAID visit at Mondulkiri Project Site

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

Ausaid visit 23-05-13

Since 2012, CRDT has been implementing a project called “Sustainable Development for Ethnic Bunong Communities in Protected Forest Areas” thanks to a donation from AusAid. The project’s goal is to reduce poverty and food insecurity for Ethnic Bunong Communities in support of forest conservation in Mondulkiri. On May 23rd, 2013, AusAID visited Mondulkiri project site to witness the progress of CRDT’s project implementation. AusAid and CRDT staff visited 3 villages, Andong Kraleng, Ou Rana and Sre Khtum village. During this day, AusAid representatives had the opportunity to see a lot of activities including the Bunong cultures, vegetable growing, rice upper land farming, chicken raising and saving group’s activity, a community pond at Andong Kraleng village, and meeting with some beneficiaries and local authorities. They could at the same time enjoy the diversity of forests of Mondulkiri province, met with Bunong ethnic communities, and tasted a few kinds of Bunong food made from chicken which is produced by some of the project beneficiaries at Ou Rana village. They also went to visit a saving group at Sre Khtum village who presented about their progresses and future plans. Finally, CRDT, WCS and AusAID met altogether at CRDT field office to reflect and conclude about the expectation of the day. AusAid pointed out the serious commitment made by CRDT and the good work of its staffs and made two main recommendations:

  1. CRDT should help beneficiaries in Mondulkiri have a better access to water as its access is difficult in this province
  2. CRDT should also keep strengthening the CBOs to empower and give them more voice to help them raise their issues at the local or national level

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager in Mondulkiri

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