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 In Stung Treng, Weekly update from the field

CRDT has a lot of tools and strategies to improve the communities’ capacities to reach sustainable livelihoods as well as to have businesses with activities like school training, community training and outside study-tour. However, one of CRDT projects in Ramsar Site, Stung Treng province all already completed all these activities and still some communities didn’t reach all expectations whereas some others were very successful with their livelihood and business activities in cooperation with CRDT. In learning from that, CRDT decided on 6th-7th April 2013, to conduct one internal study-tour that took 17 persons including 8 women from 6 CBOs out of 19 CBOs that still lack capacities to visit and learn from some successful projects from another CBO in Ramsar site.

The internal study-tour brought the participants to 2 CBOs in Koh Sneng to see the successful saving activities and pig raising, one CBO in Kham Phann village (Khe) to learn more about vegetable growing and high yields and also how to sell these products at the market and one CBO in Koh Phnov village taught them about saving activities and how to successfully raise chickens with a pen, chicken house, and how to easily find natural chicken food in the area like earth worms.

Finally, all participants enjoyed this trip and felt like they learnt a lot and improved their capacities with all the experience that the communities shared with them. The participants also committed to keep using these techniques at home and help other members from their communities.  Thus, CRDT has witnessed that these internal study tour are a good tool that allow communities to meet other communities, share their successes, failure and doubts and receive help from one another.

By Ngeth Senglay, Project Manager in Stung Treng

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