Environment Day

 In Le Tonlé, Weekly update from the field

Part of one of the Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center goals, environmental awareness raising amongst trainees is crucial to contribute to the ecological conservation of Cambodia. Environmentally friendly practice such as waste separation, waste deposit, organic garden and energy saving are being practiced daily at the center. Moreover, the English for Tourism course is designed to provide theoretical based knowledge in which a topic of tourism impacts (environment, socio-culture, and economic) is raised. To involve students in an environmentally friendly work and to take part in the “clean city, clean resort and good service” campaign of the Ministry of Tourism , on April 11th, all Tonlé staffs and students, CRDT field manager and volunteer, and a tourist worked together to collect the rubbish in Stung Treng town. We started to pick up the rubbish and clean the road from the center until the roundabout of the town. Then we moved to clean the garden located south of the market until there was no plastic bag on the ground. Every one enjoyed doing this work because they understand that their small contribution certainly makes the town cleaner.

By Say Bunly, Project Coordinator at Le Tonlé

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