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 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field

Seating under the shadow of palm leaves near the small new canal under construction behind the commune meeting hall in Samphin village, Kratie province, Miss. Un Eang, her son and husband are enthusiastic about the activities led by the Cambodian Rural Development Team and funded by the Japanese Embassy.


The Japanese Embassy is funding here three important activities to help developing the communities in this area. The 1200m long canal is being constructed by villagers, along with a water pumping station for agriculture and a water system on the island of Koh Phdao. This project will not only help local people to improve their livelihood but during the process of digging the canal, the local people will also be able to sell their labor and earn a salary from it. 54 people are involving in the construction of this canal and this allows them to have money to support their daily families’ expenditures. Moreover, these activities also allowed reducing the cases of local migration like in the case of Miss Um Eang’s family. Before the project started, she used to work in another district of Kratie province very far away from her home. But now she decided to find a work in her village, as she heard about the opportunity of this new activity that would make her earn some money. In fact, this couple has earned 100$ from their work achievement during the last 10 days as they both worked hard to complete their duty. She added that the money earned was intended to support her child going to school and for their daily food as well.

By Bin Dim, Projet Manager in Kratie

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