Vaccination: a key success for rural farmers’ chicken business

 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field

Along the Mekong River in Sambour district, Kratie Province, CRDT has been working with subsistence communities since 2006 to enhance food and incomes in support of conservation.

Chicken raising is one of CRDT programs through which we always encouraged our beneficiaries through trainings, exchange visit, and practical implementation within direct beneficiaries. We have trained communities how to make food for chickens, breed selection, build chicken fence and coops and also particularly provide vaccination instructions to CBO members.

In fact, last month this training was conducted to beneficiaries in Beong Char commune and has been going on this month.  As a positive impact from last month we proudly received the feedback from members who vaccinated their chicken. They are enthusiastic with the good results as fewer chickens died than before the vaccination as well as the animals grow steadily and in good health.

By Bin Dim, Project Manager in Kratie Province

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  • Julian and chinda jones

    I really need chicken vaccination in kampongsom province near sihanokoville but cannot find can you send to me hear

    • CRDT

      Can you please email us?

  • Sam Roberts

    Great work, I hope this can improve the quality of chickens making it to market and the incomes of those raising them.

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