Pond Site Selection at GARTIE village

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

CRDT has completed the construction of a community pond at Andong Kraleng village and it is now managed by a pond management committee. Below, the pond management committee is cleaning the pond because the pond was dirty after construction.


Gartie is one of the 6 villages where CRDT has been implementing the project by cooperating with local authorities such as village, commune and district under a donation by AusAID. In this village the access to water is difficult and the villagers have thus less water for their own consumption. Up to now, 3 hand pump wells were donated by other NGOs but as the village is standing on high land and these hand pump wells are easy to break it makes it difficult to pump the water out. This is why in 2013, CRDT plans to dig a community pond in this village in aiming at supplying enough water to all these villagers to increase their agricultural production (vegetable) and their daily water consumption, it will decrease the difficulties and time of women and children to take the water from the faraway stream. The community pond digging site was selected early April by a key person of the community under support from CRDT, Sre Preah commune and Keo Seima district officials.  The facilitation group conducted one meeting with the representatives of this village to decide that the land for the pond will be open for public use. This decision was taken by the owner of the land and all villagers will collect some money to pay to the owner of land for the use of it. After that, all participants took part in the measurement of the selected land. As a result, 3 owners were selected for their lands and they agreed to contribute with a land in size 50m x 50m for digging the community pond and a land for growing vegetables. This decision shows that the project’s beneficiaries are starting to take this project as their own and also that the local authorities granted all necessary permission relating to the project implementation activities.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager for Mondulkiri

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