Rural Water Supply in Koh Sampeay Village, Stung Treng Province

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On 13th December, 2012 an inauguration ceremony on water supply usage took place in Koh Sapeay village which is located along the Mekong River. The guests participants were his excellency Dr. Mao Thornin, deputy provincial governor, Mrs. Nuria Botelles the IPADE representative, and Mr. Hean Pheap the Cambodian rural Development Team representative. The water supply project was supported by IPADE and implemented by the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) for a total amount of USD 22,700. The project aimed at providing accessibility for villagers especially women to the rural water supply.  Previously most villagers particularly women and children collected water from the river for both household consumption and drinking while some families accessed the water through paying a fee to local water suppliers who used their own machines to pump water from the river. These caused villagers to develop sicknesses, a waste of time and money, and also children troubles.

Currently, 65% of households (110 families) have access to the water supply. The Water User Group (WUG) was established with seven committee members as a way to have a self-management and sustainable use of water supply for all villagers’ benefit. Every member was required to pay USD 22 for connecting the water fee and water measured-tool, and USD 0.625 per cubic meter. According to Mrs. Cheur Veachar, a chief of WUG, the advantages of the water supply for group members are the improvement of health for villagers especially children because they can benefit from much cleaner water than the one from the river as it has a filter system; the protection of children from any dangers when they collect water from the river; an easy access to water for the household consumption as well as for cropping through spending less time compared with collecting water from the river; having a 50% decrease in expenses if compared with the water fee asked from local providers who used their own machines to pump the water from the river. These all contributed to poverty reduction, she added.  Furthermore Mr. Phann Sinna, cashier of WUG said that villagers are very happy with the water supply services because they have an easy access to clean water and increased their vegetables production. Mr. Sar Chandara, service provider of WUG expressed that the services has yet to run smoothly in terms of security in the amount of water supplied to all consumers who have already registered as group members, as it was the first time WUG committees managed this work. However, he committed to improve the services reaching an adequate amount of water for all households and to expand the connection of water supply tubes to other households within the village.

By Mr. Hang Vong, M&E Manager


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