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 In Le Tonlé, Weekly update from the field

Cooking is one of the most important courses in Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center. It provides a life skill for trainees who wish to work in the catering sector as many employers in the province of Kratie and Rattanakiri are looking for more and more catering personnel to work in the kitchen and restaurants.

Almost 100 kinds of food are being instructed to students each year. Within the cooking course, the students are required to take note of all ingredients and recipes of each food preparation. The food instructor guides them on how to cook and after a certain amount of recipes are taught, everyone is requested to prepare them to ensure that they have learnt and understood. The student themselves need to be proactive and inspired by their work.  To improve the ability of everyone, something more challenging needs to be put in place. “Everyone is a food instructor” is an action strategy proposed to be carried out. The aim of this action is to promote the students’ capacity in food preparing. Everyone is obliged to instruct one kind of food that they have learnt to another group. 9 kinds of food for group A and another 9 for group B. After group A and B finished all 9 recipes in their group, one by one they will go to teach other groups on a particular dish. Each of them has to:

  1. Write down food ingredients and cooking method on the white board
  2. Explain how to cook
  3. Prepare food ingredient and kitchen materials
  4. Instruct and supervise the food cooking in the kitchen

The score is given by the students on how good the teaching content and instruction method were.

The students themselves found that they have learnt something new and fun and gained more capacity in the cooking lesson.

By Bunly Say, Project Coordinator at Le Tonlé

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