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To measure the students’ ability in cooking course, after finishing a particular amount of instructed food courses, everyone is required to take a cooking exam. From the cooking course start until now, there has been 40 kind of food recipes instructed.  The cooking exam is conducted in two ways. The first period is a cooking test where every group of 3 students is required to cook two meals.  The second period is a cooking contest where students are grouped based on gender and class. The first contest is to divide members from each group A and B into boy and girl teams and they compete against each other in the same group. The second contest is a competition between group A and B. Each trainee has to share responsibility in going to buy ingredients, cooking food, washing, setting the table and developing the purchase invoice.

From the cooking exam, students learn more how to plan for a meal, manage the kitchen work, prepare a meal, decorate a dish and record the expenses.

Article by: Mr. Say Bunly, Project Coordinator at Le Tonlé

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