Theoretical and Practical Based Classes

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Theoretical and Practical based classes are the two fundamental training activities of Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center to ensure that all trainees acquire the necessary knowledge and  skills for their further employment or career pathway. The 18 students are divided into two groups and rotate to work and study everyday. If group A is in the class room for an English course or other knowledge based lesson, group B is doing and learning the skills needed to work such as housekeeping, catering, ironing, and servicing and vice versa. In the class room, the students take general English lessons which focus on the 4 main communication skills– reading, writing, speaking and listening, and other tourism and hospitality concept based courses which include of greeting guest and serving food, guesthouse and kitchen terminology, invoicing, tourism impacts and tourism product etc. Besides, basic computer literacy, and English for employment are also provided at the end of the school year.

Theoretical and practical classes are complimentary for all trainees to improve and strengthen their knowledge and skills in tourism and in the hospitality field for their perspective of work or career.

Article by: Mr. Say Bunly, Project Coordinator

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