The Positive Impact of Money Saving

 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field

Chamreun Phall is the name of a community at Svay Chek village, in Kratie province that was set up in 2010 by CRDT. It is composed of 19 members, in which 18 are women (2 in the committee). The community chairman is Mrs. Hy Phalla, 50 years old, working at her house, and the main community activity is chicken raising. Since December 2011 they have also started to save money. Up to now, they manage to save 1,694,500R.

After their last meeting, Mrs. Phalla and all the members agreed to divide the saved money between all the members but they kept the interests as a capital to continue to save money during the next 3 years. The saved money will be used to buy new chickens and pigs for raising, as also to pay for health expenditures.

Mrs. Phalla, declared that the saved money is very important for herself and her family as well as all families in her village in order to increase the family income and support the work of their husbands. This program helped Svay Chek women to develop new skills of money management, find a job, increase their yearly income, maintain unity in the village, and increase the confidence, the communication and share experience. Moreover, it helped reduce the violence in the families.

By: Bin Dim, Project Manager in Sambour District

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