First step of the Community Pond Digging at Andong Kraleng village: the GPS mapping

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

Lastly, CRDT has started the construction of a community pond at Andong Kraleng village in Mondulkiri. This community pond is going to be built to supply enough water for the locals in order for them to increase their agricultural productions during the dry season. Currently, the climate in Mondulkiri is changing from day to day and becoming dryer. So during the dry season, all local people that live far from streams or lakes always lack of water. This is why Andong Kraleng village needed a big pond near to the village to allow the villagers to take water for their own consumption and for growing vegetables. This project has received a donation from AusAID, is facilitated by CRDT, and implies the involvement of the local authorities. It has then been strongly supported by the local authorities on all levels (from the district authorities to the village chief), and the suggestions and needs from the communities have been listened to.

On this picture, the owner of the land, commune councils, Mondulkiri provincial department of rural development, village development committee, CRDT and community committee members are marking the GPS measures in order to find the best pond digging site. We are going to finish drawing the pond mapping and process to the bidding this month. And next month, we are going to start digging the pond.

By Meas Viphou, Project Manager

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