Update from the field: The new life from Le Tonlé previous trainees

 In Le Tonlé, Weekly update from the field

Four trainees from Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center who had attended a one year vocational Tourism and Hospitality training course, were recruted at Sala Koh Trong Rajaborei resort. One of them now works as a receptionist and cook from time to time to earn some more income. At the absence of his supervisor he controls the booking and other service work in the resort. The other three attended the center during the year 2011-2012 and are now service providers. They work mainly as waiters and receptionnists.

All of them agreed that both the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired at the center are being used at the work place. They are glad to have been recruited soon after finishing their training and to receive a fair salary to support themselves and, in further extend, their family.

Mr. SAY Bunly, Project Coordinator

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  • Bonnarath

    Good for Cambodian youth. Start from Learning, Worker, and soon they will become an entrepreneur. CAMBODIAN Young Entrepreneur in CAMBODIA Country. Cheers

    • Bunly

      Thanks Narath 🙂 We work in different place but with the same goal is to build the capacity of Cambodian young people 🙂

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