Trip from our Operations Manager Mr. Hean Pheap to the USA from Oct. 25 to Nov. 4 2012

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CRDT Operations Manager Mr. Hean Pheap went to Colorado in the USA from October 25th to November 4th 2012 to attend a conference on Global Solutions.

This conference was organized under the lead of the organization Students Shoulder to Shoulder (SStS). SStS mission is to inspire high school students to engage in responsible global citizenship through on-line study, full immersion service programs, and public presentation. They have been collaborating with CRDT since 2011 on various programs. Last year they sent a group of students to Cambodia, to allow the pupils to discover CRDT work and the Cambodian culture as well as learning more about the issues faced by Cambodians by supporting the communities.

This year our Operations Manager was invited to join on a one-week conference on Global Solutions, in Colorado. This trip allowed him to present to various audiences the Cambodian culture and the work CRDT is doing on the field to help the communities. During the week, he attended conferences but also gave a lot of presentations himself in middle-schools and high schools, to raise awareness about Cambodian issues. On his side, Mr. Pheap has acquired knowledge on the different ways to educate children (giving them more freedom of speech, asking them to have an active participation in the class) and on new communication tools with stakeholders.

The next phase of this partnership will take place in 2013. Around June a group of 10 students will come to Cambodia with their teachers for two weeks to have the opportunity to learn about what are the global issues of Cambodia. CRDT can teach them about the Cambodian culture and about our programs on how to help the poor. On this occasion, the students will visit various places in Cambodia, but also experience homestay on the eco-tourism site in Koh Preah, Siem bok District in Stung Treng, and finish the fence of the school on the island as a way to bond with the community.

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