Mr. Mok Korn and his adaptation to climate change

 In Kratie, Weekly update from the field

From today’s on, CRDT has decided to give you more insight of our work on the field, through various testimonies of our beneficiaries, update from the field office, advances on our projects…    Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think !

Today, let’s go to Kratie province and meet one of our beneficiary Mr. Mok Korn living in Damre village. Mr. MoK Korn is a member of one of the vulnerability communities along the Mekong River in Sambour District. Mr. Korn who is mute and deaf, is here lying back on his rice containers near his son.

His family lives in Damre village, Sambour District, in Kratie Province. There are seven members in this poor family. Mr. Mok Korn, a widower, currently lives with his parents and his four young children.

As the whole village was struggling with a lack of food, at the end of 2010 CRDT started implementing a project there. Mr. Korn has straight from the beginning been an active member of the chicken raising group. Moreover, in 2012 CRDT had the possibility to tackle the impact of climate change with a project that focuses on rebuilding the existing dam and small canals which are near Mr. Korn farm land.

Since the dam and canals have been reconstructed, his family’s food security has been improving because of his commitment of growing rice twice in a year on his small farm. With small rice farm land about0.35 hectares,Mr.Mok Korn has been able to adapt. The yield is not only enough for his family but his neighbors and relative borrow his rice when they have a lack of rice to eat in the beginning of the rain season. Now after his harvested the rice, he started planting rice again.

By: Mr. Bin Dim, Project Manager, Kratie Province

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