An example of two disabled persons who are involving with CRDT’s activities

 In Mondulkiri, Weekly update from the field

In Chork Char village in Mondulkiri province, there are 6 disabled by war who are part of the Bunong ethnic commmunity. Currently, Chork Char village is far from the district town and there aren’t a lot of people going to this village, as the road is so bumpy. CRDT has been developing projects in this village since the beginning of the year through a donation by AusAID. After CRDT’s project staff promoted the project to all people during the village level meetings, there were more people and local authorities interested with the project’s activities. Since this meeting, 2 disabled persons have been involving in the implementation of . They are as following:

  1. Mr. Phyerb Ra who is a group member of the management committee, as a secretary of Sre Ambuy Saving Group. He is a qualified in management and a key person to make decisions in the group. He is respected by other group members. Even if he doesn’t have high literacy capacities, he is giving his best to practice. Why does he want to save money and be a group secretary? He said that it is “because I want to save money and get more income through interests, because my group provides loans to other people to receive the benefits from it. I also want to build my capacity in literacy and management tasks. Additionally, I want to help my local people developing their economic skills and increase their incomes through savings’ activities and take loan from my group”.
  2. Mr. Keb Nheout is a member of the group’s management committee, a secretary of Chork Char chicken raising group. He has a strong commitment to do the chicken pen by himself even he lost a leg during the war during Pol Port regime. He also commits to monitor the group’s members on pen construction processing. He led his group to conduct the meetings, to review all techniques of pen construction, and help them solving problems. The reason he gave for wanting to raise the chicken, was that “I love raising chickens so much because I need to have enough meat to eat and make money by selling them to my neighbors and local markets. And also I have no other job options in my village than raising the chickens because I am a disabled man and I have no capacity to earn money by going far way from my house. Before CRDT came to implement projects in my village, I didn’t know how to raise chickens and I also had no techniques so that I always got failure (more chicken died). In the current time, I trust CRDT and I have been trying to follow all techniques that CRDT provided me”.

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